Blade-Wire Barricading Cart (For Military Use)

Maneuverable blade-wire barricading cart is molded by wreathing blades and special vehicle parts. The razor barbed wire are assembled by one upper ring of 960mm in diameter and two lower rings of 700mm in diameter.

Introduction: The body of the cart is welded by SS400 steel. Parts of the components are manufactured under our company’s high-quality standard. The Blade Car is flexible in mobility, low in maintenance and it has the greater function in blockage. Especially, for the riots around the globe, it has the great defense function. It can not only reduce people’s conflicts but also decrease the causalities.

Areas of Usage: Forms a security barrier for National Defense, protestors, riots severe accidents, road construction and important entrances and exit, etc.

Features of Product:
1. Easy to operate, only 1~2 men are required to set up the barrier, which lower the labor cost.
2. It is no need in engine or electricity so that it can prevent the malfunctions of engine or the shortage of electricity from. In addition, it can prevent the damages from fire disasters.
3. High mobility: It can be moved by any vehicle with the towing function. It only takes three to five minutes to set up completely.
4. The Maneuvering Barricading Cart is equipped with blade and high-voltage wire. It is 1.7 M in height and 1.6 M in width. After setting up the Maneuvering Barricading Cart, the wide barrier can prevent people from crossing it to achieve the purpose of blocking.
5. High quality in blocking: It can be widely used in any riots and protests to decrease people’s conflict and lower the waste of government and enterprises’ resources.