Ballistic Vest

The bulletproof vest is formed by the jacket and bulletproof layer. The bulletproof layer is made of Kevlar sheeting with 26 layers and 8.00 foam board which is defendable to Uzi 9mm machine gun.

Type: FDY-3
Defense level: NIJ IIIA
The type of defense firearms: 9mm Parabellum 9mm Pistol Cartridge
Defense area: 0.25㎡-0.30㎡
Defense weight: 2.8-3.4kg

Type: FDY-2
Defense level: 3
The type of defense firearms: 1979 sub-machine gun
The type of defense cartridge: 1951 Type B 7.62 ㎜ Pistol Cartridge (Lead)
Projectile velocity: 480-515m/s
Defense area: 0.25㎡-0.30㎡
Weight: 2.8-3.4kg